Red Hook CAC recommends hydrofracking ban

The Red Hook Conservation Advisory Council has recommended that the Town Board take measures to ban hydrofracking and prohibit the use of hydrofracking waste products as a road de-icing agent.

Members of the CAC made this recommendation during a presentation detailing their findings from attending the Cary Institute Conference on Hydrofracking.

Hydrofracking, a controversial natural-gas extraction process, has become a contentious issue in upstate New York. Energy companies eager to tap into natural gas reserves in the Utica Shale formation have run into resistance from community groups and environmental conservationists. Ulster County is currently considering a ban on the import of hydrofracking waste water, which is sold to municipalities by energy companies as a low-cost de-icing agent and dust suppressant.

Town Supervisor Sue Crane said that the board would review the information provided by the CAC.

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