RH basketball teams hooping it up

Matt Parr Insurance is eating the competition alive in the A division of the Red Hook Summer Basketball League. In the last two weeks, Parr nabbed a 68-62 win over Two Boots Pizza in a game dominated by Parr’s Jake Sopchak, who netted 32 points in the game, and the team beat Double V Landscaping 43-38.

Stone Ridge Jewelers also took a pair of wins, eking a 62-60 against Two Boots Pizza in a game led in scoring by Two Boots’ Bud Thomas, and whomping Ellenville 70-48. Slingers also took two in as many weeks, beating Rooney+Klawson 54-42 in a game led in scoring by Rooney’s Bud Snyder with 24 points, and winning over The Whalers 43-38. Ellenville, Double V, Rooney+Klawson and Two Boots are all in the cellar, having lost twice each in the past two weeks.

In the B Division, on the other hand, there were no-two time winners in the past two weeks. The biggest story actually lies with the losers. The Warriors suffered two enormous, lopsided losses , one a 65-35 blowout at the hands of Young Guns and the other a 67-25 loss to Thruway Nissan, whose Nick Rooney led the game in scoring with 17 points. They did, however, manage to steal a win from the similarly struggling Flint Tropics, 43-41.

Spectrum Graphics and Village Pizza are running the house in C Division action. Spectrum has a pair of wins in the past two weeks, beating Landworks 39-22 in a game led in scoring by Spectrum’s Shane Mallen, and handing a 37-21 loss to Raiders. Spectrum’s Nolan Dalton led the game with 20 points. Village Pizza beat Broadway Pizza 59-36 and Colonial Subaru 45-33.

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