Teviot tree clearing permit request continues

On Sept. 17, the Red Hook Planning Board took up the question of whether to approve a special permit to remove 16 trees along the Hudson River from the property at 245 Woods Rd just north of Tivoli. The request for the special permit is receiving extra scrutiny because the owner, Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner, has been cited by the town for excessive tree removal on his property directly to the south, the Teviot Estate, and is also before the planning board on that case.

The public hearing resumed with additional comments from the public expressing dismay at the tree cutting on the Teviot property. Wenner suggested that, regardless of the strong feelings expressed by the public, the board should consider the new permit independently of the Teviot issue since it is a separate application but the board’s consultant Michele Greig noted that the planning board can look at the effect of the two actions cumulatively.

The applicant submitted a revegetation plan for the Teviot property but the planning board requested additional detail on the areas being restored. Once that information is submitted to the board it will be referred to an expert for review. The application will return to the board at a later meeting once the materials are complete.

Feller Newmark development hearing on hold until November

The public hearing for the controversial plan to build a private road and develop 11 lots off Feller Newmark Road was continued until the planning board’s meeting on Nov. 19, at the request of the developer. The project, as currently proposed, does not meet sight line requirements for the entrance and exit of the development and is undergoing further study and revision by the applicant.

Manning/Norton land swap approved at 66 Hapeman Hill Rd.

Attorney Angela Lore returned to the planning board with an updated site plan with new lot lines proposing a swap of land between two adjoining parcels on Hapeman Hill Road. The well and the driveway for #66, owned by Lorraine Manning, were built just over the property line many years ago. The proposed swap would trade the land with the well and driveway for other land of equal size — 4,344 square feet – -owned by neighbor Mildred Norton to correct the boundaries, which would allow the property to be sold.

After reviewing the new site plan, the planning board approved the changes.

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