Milan planning board considers detached apartments on commercial property

On Sept. 12 and Oct. 3, the Milan planning board considered a request from Town Supervisor Bill Gallagher for their input on allowing an accessory apartment in a separate structure on a lot with a commercial building. As the law stands now, an apartment can only be located within a commercial building. Board members Jeffrey Anagnos and Radford West said that if accessory apartments are allowed, what difference would it make whether they are within the commercial building or outside. The board sent a positive recommendation to the Supervisor.

Two-lot subdivision sought on Salisbury Turnpike
Applicant Samuel Crow and John Decker, his licensed surveyor, appeared before the Milan planning board on Sept. 12 to continue the discussion of a two-lot subdivision on Crow’s 34.73 acre property at 880 Salisbury Turnpike.

After some discussion, the applicant and board agreed that the nearby wetland needed to be delineated with a buffer indicated on the survey. Decker said there were plenty of flat spots on the property where a septic could be located, although he had not done deep tests to confirm that. Decker asked that issues raised by Morris Associates, the town planner, related to showing a proposed well and septic system be waived and that the property buyer be responsible for those steps before constructing a home.

The applicant will revise the survey based on comments from the board, and the public hearing will continue at a later date.

Auctioneers looking to change site plan at 26 North Road
With the applicants not in attendance, the planning board re-opened the public hearing on Sept. 12. The clerk of the board passed along comments made by Glenn Butler, Milan Highway Superintendent, who said that he did pass the site, at 26 North Road, once when an auction was going on and that all the requirements stipulated in the site plan approval were being followed. Butler’s only expressed concern was how the applicant, Don Johnson, would handle cancellations for bad weather.

The planning board continued the public hearing to a later meeting.

Lot line adjustment at 85-87 North Knob Hill Road
Nina Caraco appeared before the Milan planning board on Sept. 12 to discuss a possible lot line adjustment of her 16.15 acre property at 85-87 N. Knob Hill Road. Caraco told the board that they plan to sell their house and that a neighbor who owns two lots to the east with a large pond was interested in purchasing some of her 16-plus acres to increase the buffer between the edge of the pond and their property line.

The board outlined the requirements needed, including the fact that the neighbor’s adjacent two-acre lot would have to be increased to five acres and shown to be “buildable,” which would include showing the location of a required septic system. With a pond on the property, wetland buffers would apply as well.

Carasco indicated that she would return to the board if she or the neighbor decided to proceed.

Editor’s Note: Some items in this report are based on planning and/or zoning board minutes.

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