Letter: Byrne track record in Milan raises concern

In the race for the 106th Assembly District, Republican candidate David Byrne is campaigning on the message that he protected taxpayers while serving on the Milan Town Board. As a resident and taxpayer in the Town of Milan, I know this is false. In his time on the Town Board, David Byrne voted in lockstep with the Republican majority to increase property taxes significantly every year he was in office: 15.4% in 2008, 18% in 2009, and over 7% in 2010. He consistently dismissed cost-saving ideas from Democratic Board members, who argued the tax increases were unnecessary.

In Milan, David Byrne didn’t live up to his campaign promises and showed no ability to think beyond the Republican party line. Based on his record, voters have little reason to believe that he will show fiscal responsibility or be anything more than a Republican party puppet while representing the people of the 106th Assembly District.

Sheila Buff

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