Letter: Byrne “gets it”

The people of upstate New York are tired of career politicians who serve our legislature’s leadership more and their constituents less. Too many politicians continue to vote to allow our state’s budget and deficit to snowball out of control towards insolvency. Too often candidates are not even from the district they have promised to serve. Didi Barrett is from NYC and resides outside of the new 106th Assembly district.

David Byrne grew up in Dutchess County and resides in the Town of Milan. He is a West Point graduate who served his country in Iraq. After his military service David returned to his roots in the Red Hook/Milan area where he found private sector employment and has raised a family. He works for a local solar energy company, bringing innovative power solutions to Dutchess and Columbia counties: also, he owns a small real estate business. He understands small business and entrepreneurs and the necessity of having an economically attractive state environment for each. He has served the people of the Town of Milan as a Town Board member.

As a local businessman, David understands how dangerous New York’s deficit and debt are. He understands that high, unsustainable spending, high debt levels and unfunded mandates force inordinately high levels of taxation in order to pay for the State’s annual expenditures and annual interest payments on its debt. Those high taxes, in turn, drive businesses out of state or out of business, thereby reducing employment for individuals and revenue for the state.

David Byrne “gets it.” He is the best choice for the State Assembly, 106th District. We need a local, honorable man who can make the tough choices that will need to be made in the future. He fought for our country in Iraq, and he will fight for our District and State in Albany.

John White

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