Tivoli plagued by string of car break-ins

Tivoli Mayor Bryan Cranna and Dutchess County Sheriff Adrian Anderson are urging Tivoli residents to take precautions following a string of car break-ins in the village over the last few weeks.

In a joint news release issued by Tivoli and the Sheriff’s office, Cranna said, “Over the course of recent weeks, several vehicles within the village have had items stolen out of them. There are no reports of any damage, as the targeted vehicles were left unlocked in one’s driveway. Cash and electronic items seem to have been taken.”

Both Cranna and Anderson urged residents to lock their vehicles, roll up windows, leave outdoor lights on, and take valuables out of vehicles.

An initial investigation of car break-ins last month was done by state police. A more recent occurrence during the early morning hours of Jan. 7 is being investigated by the sheriff’s office, which is the contracted police agency for the Village of Tivoli.

Anderson said that his office “would encourage anyone who has information on these crimes to please call us at 486-3800.”

Cranna added, “I’m confident in the Sheriff’s office and their ability to properly address this situation and bring the person or persons responsible for this to justice.”

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