Rhinebeck grocery store approved

A new grocery store in the center of Rhinecliff has been approved by the Rhinebeck Planning Board to open next to the post office.

Johanna Bard, who will be operating the store, spoke at a Jan. 7 public hearing on her plans.

“There will be produce and dairy and regular grocery items,” Bard said. “The mercantile part is other gift items, household items, batteries, snowshovels… whatever the community needs.

“I want to put some focus on the early morning commuters,” she said, “by offering a takeaway breakfast that they’ve ordered and paid for ahead of time, so they can just drive up… and I’ll bring it out.”

Bard said that she had wanted to open a grocery store for quite some time after managing a small store in Rhinebeck and was glad when this opportunity arose. According to her architect William Temple Smith, the market is hoping to open by April.

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