Bard to host 3-day Asian environment conference

The Bard Center for Environmental Policy will host a three-day conference starting Jan. 29 on improving the opportunities to link the study of Asia with its natural environment.

The conference, “Water, Forests, and Communities in Asia,” will focus on how field experiences, cross-university connections, and NGO linkages inform higher education curricula in Asian studies, environmental studies, and other relevant disciplines, across departments, and between the undergraduate and graduate programs.

The conference will include a discussion of case studies that focus on water and watershed management, forests, and communities. Keynote speakers and topics include: Minghua Chen of Nanchang University on Poyang Lake challenges; Machiko Nishino, former president of the Lake Biwa Restoration Institute and a professor at Biwa Seika Sports University, on restoration experience at Lake Biwa; T.J. Lah of Yonsei University on Korean sustainability policies; Hu Tao of the World Resources Institute on environmental policy in China; Jon Schwartz of New York City DEP on Ecosystem Services; and Chris Coggins from Bard College at Simon’s Rock: The Early College, on feng shui forests in China.

Registration is $80 for the full conference. Students can attend free, but should register for the days they wish to attend. For more information or to register, e-mail or call Josephine French at or 845-758-7085 or visit

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