Village of Rhinebeck parties agree on board candidates for March elections

In a show of bipartisan unity, Rhinebeck Democrats and Republicans met independently on Jan. 26 and endorsed identical slate of candidates at their village party caucuses.

Appearing on the ballot on March 19 will be Mayor James Reardon, a Republican, running for re-election, and incumbents Howie Traudt, an Independent, and Heinz Sauer, a Democrat, running for village board trustee. Each will be seeking two-year terms. Reardon has been mayor for four years and had spent two years as a trustee Heath Tortarella, an independent, will also be on the ballot seeking election to the village board seat vacated by State Senator Terry Gipson in December. There is one year left on its term.

Also on the ballot will be Village Justice Will Sanchez, a Republican, who will be seeking another four-year term.

The caucus selections do not preclude independent candidates, who still have until Feb. 14 to submit petitions to appear on the ballot.

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