Keeping score of the men’s summer basketball league

Division B in the men’s summer basketball league is the tale of two Parrs.

Matt Parr Varsity is in the lead with three wins, and Matt Parr Insurance is in the back of the pack with three losses, one of them to Matt Parr Varsity by a mere six points.

Tied for second are the Raiders and BFAS, each with two wins and no losses. Tucker Griffin and Bob Fennell are their two highest scorers, respectively.

In the hotly contested third place position, it’s a five-way tie between Christina’s Pizza, Foam and Wash, Landworks, Village Pizza and Spectrum Graphics, each with one win.

It seems the Sheriff’s PBA is having a hard time keeping ahead, having lost two games, while the Slackers have only one loss.

In Division C, Flynn Electric has been decimating the competition, beating the Young Guns 58-33 and going on a three-win streak.

Meanwhile, the Young Guns are keeping a close second, with two wins against Willie’s Warriors and Dutchess Beverages, handily defeating both teams by 10 points.

Ryan McCann, Derek and the Dominoes and Kingston Nissan are all tied with one win and one loss.

The Disco Ninjas have been having a rough go of it with one win and two losses, but they’re ahead of Dutchess Beverages, which has two losses.

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