Cranna appoints Schneider new Tivoli trustee

Tivoli Mayor Bryan Cranna has appointed Jeanann Schneider to fill the vacant trustee position on the village board.

The vacancy was created when Former Deputy Mayor Michael Leedy resigned following his move out of the village.

In a news release, Cranna said, “I’m pleased to announce this appointment of Mrs. Schneider as a Village Trustee. As the mother of two young children with deep roots in Tivoli and Red Hook, Trustee Schneider has a vested interest in moving our village forward.”

He added, “As a small business owner, Trustee Schneider brings fiscal experience and an understanding of smart policies and procedures to the table. These attributes will benefit her during her tenure on the Board of Trustees and surely benefit the village.”

Schneider, 37, owns Barista’s Espresso Cafe in Kingston’s Hudson Valley Mall.

Schneider said in the news release, “I am pleased by the confidence that Mayor Cranna has shown in me with this appointment and I look forward to working with the Mayor, my fellow trustees, village personnel, and, most importantly, the residents of this village to continue making it the wonderful place it is to live in.”
Schneider’s appointment became effective July 10. She is a registered Republican like the mayor and Leedy, whom she replaces. With her appointment, the Tivoli board has three Republicans and one Democrat and one unenrolled trustee.

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