New gas station in Rhinebeck wants bigger sign

The new lease-holder of the gas station at the intersection of Routes 9 and 9G in Rhinebeck is seeking larger and brighter signs for the property.

The applicant, Gunks Holding Corporation, applied for an area variance for an internally illuminated canopy sign at the Town of Rhinebeck Zoning Board of Appeals meeting Aug. 7, and is requesting a free-standing signage increase from 12 sq ft. to 51 sq. ft and a canopy signage increase from 12 sq ft. to 40 sq. ft. The new sign is proposed to be LED and would list four prices. The station, which used to be Getty, will become Mobil.

The application for these variances and changes was accepted for review by the board, which scheduled a public hearing on the application on Aug. 21 at 7:50pm at Rhinebeck Town Hall.

The property is owned by the Serroukas family, and the installation of new gas tanks had become a topic of concern by drivers passing by over the last few months. The work to remove the old tanks began in January; the new tanks were installed and tested last month.

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