Rhinebeck woman charged with DWI after accident

33, of Rhinebeck, was arrested Aug. 13 at 1:44am and charged with drunk driving after she was involved in a car accident on Route 9, according to a State Police report. was driving near Wyant Lane in the Town of Rhinebeck, when her 2013 Ford Explorer went off the road, travelled about 100 feet and struck a tree, the report said. The fire department and EMS transported Pidgeon to a hospital for her injuries. The police report said she was driving with a suspended license due to failure to answer tickets in two separate jurisdictions since 2010 and was found to be intoxicated after a blood test. She was charged with driving while intoxicated, a misdemeanor, and several traffic violations. She was eventually processed and issued tickets to appear in court.

Due to an error, our Aug. 28 print edition reported the arrest date as Aug. 31, when in fact it was Aug. 13.

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