Reminder: School buses are on the roads again

Now that schools are open again, the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office is reminding motorists of the need to be aware of school buses and young people on local roadways.

Drivers are urged to always use caution and drive carefully, particularly when kids are coming and going from school buses and bus stops.

In a news release, the Sheriff’s Office said drivers should remember the following:

*Coming to a complete stop is required by law of drivers from either direction approaching a school bus with its red lights on. This is also required also on divided highways.
*There is a zero-tolerance policy for those who are stopped for passing a stopped school bus, and you will be ticketed.
*Passing a stopped school bus is a serious offense in New York State, with severe penalties.
*When the lights on the bus are yellow, it means the bus is about to stop. In this situation, drivers are advised to slow down and prepare to stop for the bus; do not try to get past the bus before it stops.
*Be aware that in some cases children may be standing near the edge of the roadway waiting for the bus; drive slowly and use extra caution in these areas.

The news release added, “The safety of our young people depends largely on the actions of the drivers out on the roadways, and it is vital that everyone do their part to help our youth have a safe and happy school year.”

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