You, too, can learn the fine art of entrapment

If you’re an animal lover concerned about feral cats in your neighborhood, here’s your chance to help them in a humane way.

P.A.N.T. (Partnership for Animals Needing Transition) will be holding a free two-hour Feral Cat Trapper Training class on Sat., Sept. 28 starting at 9am at the Zion Episcopal Church parish hall, 12 Satterlee Place, in Wappingers Falls.

Registration begins at 8:30am. Donations will be accepted.

The training includes learning about the P.A.N.T. trapping, neutering and releasing program, how to assess a feral cat population near you, trapping methods that put the least amount of stress on the cats, and more.

To register, visit the P.A.N.T website at or call 845-486-7075.

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