Hyde Park-Bard to hold math/science camps for students

The Hyde Park School District, collaborating with Bard College’s Masters of Arts in Teaching program, will be holding math and science “STEM Camp” for seventh grade students at Bard College from Jan. 11 through July.

The sessions involve teachers and students engaging in “learning experiences that promote disciplinary understanding” of STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) according to a news release from Greer Rychik, Superintendent of Schools at the Hyde Park Central School District.

The program will be held at Bard College and will run in a sequence of half-day morning sessions on Saturdays and a one-week session in July during which the participants will stay on campus. There is no cost to attend the program, and the school district also provides lunch and transportation for students.

Photo courtesy Deborah Kravchuk
Photo courtesy Deborah Kravchuk

There are currently 26 students participating of the 30 that were invited based on recommendations from their science teachers. Also, five Hyde Park teachers — two from FDR High School and three from Haviland Middle School — will be participating along with professors from Bard.

Science teacher Deborah Krachuk, one of the Haviland participants, told the Observer that although the program is only accepting students recommended by their teachers, the district is hoping to continue the program next year.

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