Hyde Park residents’ Superbowl predictions

When it comes to Super Bowl XLVIII , Hyde Park residents predict victory for the Denver Broncos over the Seattle Seahawks by a large majority vote. How it will turn out when the two teams meet Feb. 2 at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J, however, is up to the stars to determine.

In an informal poll of local Super Bowl fans, only one was cheering for the Seahawks.

Here are the community “experts” and their predictions:

ToTTJohnVanKleeck (182x200)John VanKleeck: Denver, 35-34. “Peyton Manning will have a great day and the Bronco defense is better than Seattle’s.”




ToTTLoriAnnRheat (194x200)Lori Ann Rheat: Seattle, 24-21. “It will probably go down to the final possession with the best defense helping to decide the outcome.”




ToTTJerryDahowski (192x200)Jerry Dahowski: Denver, 28-17. “This will be Peyton Manning’s big year.”





ToTTAnthonyMarvin (193x200)

Anthony Marvin: Denver, 21-15. “I am a long-time Denver fan, as is my family, and I just have a good feeling about the Broncos winning.”




Superbowl_Gladys (1024x946) (640x591) (200x185)Gladys Corso, Denver , 21-7. “My daughter lives in Colorado and I think the Broncos will win.”




ToTTBobArata (171x200)Bob Arata, Denver, 14-7. “They are the better team in all categories.”





ToTTMauri (192x200)Mauri Fumasoli: Denver, 27-21. “Manning releases the ball so quickly and his passing game will lead the Broncos to victory.”




ToTTRichard_Gardner (200x190)Rich Gardner: Denver, 23-17. “Denver is just a better team.”





ToTTDominiPaonessa (199x200)Dominic Paonesssa: Denver, 24-14. “I don’t really care who wins just as long as I win something in the pool!”





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