Tivoli Green Committee working over-thyme

While planting season may still feel far away, the Tivoli Community Garden is already preparing for its third spring season.

All village residents are invited to apply for one of the 20 plots by Feb. 1. Then, participants will be selected by lottery. Each plot in the garden, located in Tivoli Memorial Park, is 8 by 12 feet.

Deputy Mayor Joel Griffith suggested at the Dec. 19 village board meeting that, because of high demand, village gardeners consider sharing a plot so that more people may participate. “A lot of people have enjoyed that,” he said. “When you go on vacation, your partner is watering your tomatoes.”

The garden has new leadership this year: Danielle Rioux and Mara Ranville are co-coordinators, working with Griffith and the rest of the Village Green Committee. There are also tentative plans for raised beds throughout the garden.

“If you’ve ever gardened with raised beds or without raised beds,” Griffith said, “I think you’ll be excited we’re going to have some raised beds.”

Those interested should email tivolicommunitygarden@gmail.com. A $30 participation fee supports garden maintenance and garden-related events.

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