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Ice boat enthusiasts, spectators and sailors alike, gathered on the Hudson River March 1-9 for several perfect days on the ice. For two weekends in a row, the lack of snow and the freezing temperatures at night gave many people the chance to finally get a thrill out of winter. At one point, at least 20 boats were lined up near Rokeby Estate in Red Hook. Ice skaters, families, and dogs roamed the ice in the shadow of the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge, enjoying the winter scene while walking on the river, held up by ice that was over a foot thick. John Vargo, 78, a life-long ice boater, was out on the ice March 2 and called it an “historic, epic day…a phenomenal situation,” because so many old reconditioned boats (some originally made in the 1700s) were together at one time, including the Jack Frost, which was originally the Roosevelt family boat. These pictures were submitted by readers and cover both weekends and many boats and spectators. Thank you to everyone who sent one in!

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