Steinhaus accused by fellow Republican of “dereliction of duty” on budget

With Republican County Executive Bill Steinhaus leaving power after 20 long years in charge and Marc Molinaro taking the reins in January, some other Republicans are finally willing to speak their mind.

Among them is Dutchess County Comptroller James Coughlan who has reportedly called the 2012 proposed budget working its way through the Republican legislature an “absolute dereliction of duty”, “untenable” and a “failure”. The primary target of the Comptroller is the failure to allocate adequate funding for mandated services and its depletion of virtually the entire rainy day fund leaving no margin of error should unexpected expenses arrive during the year.

Steinhaus returned fire suggesting the independently-elected Comptroller has no clue what he’s talking about and pointing to Steinhaus’ appointees and the Republican legislators supporting the budget as evidence of its worth.

Read more about it at the Daily Freeman

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