Greig airstrip gets public hearing

Norm Greig returned to the Red Hook Planning Board on May 7 for a public hearing on his plans for the airstrip on his brother’s land between Pitcher Lane and Rockefeller Lane.

The approval process has lasted about six months since Greig decided to take the necessary steps to ensure that the airstrip, which has been in place and in use at that location for at least 5 years, is legal and allowed to remain.

A half dozen of Greig’s neighbors appeared at the hearing which is their only opportunity to speak directly to the board about their concerns. In general, their statements focused on whether the airstrip could see increased traffic once approved above and beyond how it has been used to date and the safety issues that could result.

The planning board has indicated that, notwithstanding any conditions placed on the approval, Greig could use the airstrip more frequently for non-commercial uses and allow others to land there as he saw fit. Greig has said that only he and the co-owner of his aircraft plan to be flying in and out of the location.

Greig will likely return to the planning board in June for the final step in the process. At that time, the board may choose to approve or deny the application.

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