Julian Schreibman – Democratic candidate for Congress

ON HEALTHCARE I will work to protect Medicare and Social Security from Republican attempts to end them and will stand up for women’s health. Republicans are pushing a hard-line Tea Party agenda that is out of step with the values of upstate New York. If you send me to Congress, I will put the interests of the families of our communities ahead of the special interests.

IN CLOSING I’ve lived the American Dream. But the advantages that I had when I was growing up are slipping away. And that’s why I’m running for Congress – we need someone in Washington fighting to bring fairness back to the way our government treats working men and women here in New York.

Each and every one of us deserves an equal chance to work in a good job, provide for our families, and retire with security. More and more, these opportunities are available to fewer and fewer of our fellow citizens. The rules of the game have been changed to benefit a self-selected few. This must end. When the wealth of our country grows, the wealth of ordinary Americans should grow too. It’s only fair.

I will work for an upstate New York where we all share in America’s prosperity and where we all have a secure future. I will work for you.

You can reach the Julian for NY campaign at 845-765-9494 or info@julianforny.com; learn more at www.JulianForNY.com.

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