Sawkill Farm planning new farm market

Michael Robertson, one of a new crop of young farmers that have come to Red Hook in recent years, owns the 65-acre former Simonetti farm on Route 9 just north of the village and went to the Red Hook Planning Board June 4 to discuss adding a small farm market to what is now called Sawkill Farm.

“We sell at two green markets down in the city and we sold at the Red Hook Winter Market here in town,” said Robertson. “We’d like to have a place on the site. We have customers in the city who would like to come up and purchase from us and then we have customers that purchase our product over the winter… we don’t have a location on the property right now.”

The submitted plan calls for the conversion of 360-square feet of unused office space in the barn adjacent to Route 9 into a small market. The applicant and planning board worked through some technical changes to the plans and the signage that would be required before approval could be considered.

Robertson will return at a later date once those details have been ironed out.

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