Town of Red Hook briefs

It was a busy meeting of the Red Hook Town Board on June 12. Among the actions and events of note:

Sal Guido was unanimously appointed to fill the vacancy on the Town of Red Hook Ethics Committee. A resident of Red Hook for 18 years, Guido was a math teacher in Rhinebeck for 38 years before retiring five years ago. “After having a bit of rest, I am ready to serve the community. If I can be of service, I would be glad to,” he said. Supervisor Sue Crane emphasized that the Ethics Board does not meet very often, but does carry a heavy burden of responsibility.

The Scism Bridge replacement project has moved into the engineering phase. The board approved a motion to allocate just over $50,000 of the $350,000 in approved funding to cover the expected engineering costs during the planning and construction phases.

The annual Centers and Greenspaces review has compiled a list of suggestions for changes in the zoning code. The changes range from minor tweaks in allowable lot sizes to more substantial alterations. For example, language is suggested that would officially allow automobile retail businesses in the Traditional Development Neighborhood Commercial Center. Another change would eliminate the reference to vehicular-oriented land use, a phrase that became the center of recent zoning controversy before the ZBA. The list of changes will be discussed by the board and compiled for presentation to the public. Once that is completed, a public hearing date will be set.

Town Clerk Sue McCann was voted in as vice-president of the Dutchess County Town Clerks Association. The vote was held June 12 at a meeting in Millbrook.

A resolution was passed honoring the retirement of Captain Paul Piastro of the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office. Piastro is a Red Hook resident and has served in the sheriff’s department for 28 years.

The Dutchess County Legislature is holding a public meeting in the Hyde Park town hall on June 25 at 7pm to answer questions about the county’s redistricting process. County Legislature districts are required to be reapportioned within two years of a national census in order to reflect population shifts. Dutchess is the last county in New York to still be working on this process.

The county is seeking interested residents to submit applications for open positions on the Airport Advisory Committee, the Board of Health, the Child Development Committee, the Citizen Advisory Committee on Small Business, Citizen Advisory Committee on Domestic Violence, Committee on Environmental Management, the Fire and Safety Council, the Wildlife and Fish Management Committee, the Soil and Conservation Committee, the Tic Taskforce and the Veterans Affairs Committee. Residents should fax a resume and letter of interest to 845-486-2113.

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