RH rec program for kids is a hit

Red Hook Recreation Program playground director Johanna Moore came to the Red Hook Town Board on July 10 bearing gifts for the board members: mini-totes decorated by the kids.

As part of her report to the board, Moore said that 235 kids were registered for the playground program at the town park and between 80 and 120 attended on any given day. The half-day program is free and sponsored by the town, open even to residents of other nearby towns.

“I spoke with some of the parents, they were thrilled with the activity,” said Red Hook Town Supervisor Sue Crane.

“We have about 189 residents from Red Hook and 28 from Tivoli. They also come from Germantown, Milan and Rhinebeck,” said Moore, who has run the rec program for more than 20 years.

Moore distributed the colorful bags to the board members and discussed how the children decided how to decorate them.

“Of course, Jim [Ross], we all know that you’re the dentist, so they made you a little tooth on the back of yours, and I told them that Bill O’Neill was an attorney so they put yours as City Hall,” Moore said.

“There were various ages there and I was just so happy to see them all engaged. Some of them were playing cards and learning numbers with the counselor and others were playing on the swings…”, said Crane.

For more information about Red Hook’s summer recreation program, visit www.redhook.org.

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