Wenner tree removal discussions postponed to August 20

Residents who traveled to Red Hook Town Hall on July 16 to comment on Jann Wenner’s application to remove about 20 trees on his 19-acre property at 245 Woods Road just north of Tivoli will have to return in August. The Red Hook Planning Board’s public hearing on the special permit application was continued until at least August 20 at the request of the applicant.

During their last visit to the planning board, Wenner’s representatives agreed to submit a map to the board showing every tree in the vicinity of the proposed cutting area.

The new special permit application is embroiled in controversy after dozens of trees were removed along the Hudson River at Teviot, Wenner’s 69-acre estate just south of his Woods Road property, in apparent violation of town law. The planning board had issued a special permit for limited tree removal in specific areas. But upon inspection, the building department found that far more trees had been removed and referred Teviot, LLC to the planning board to discuss the issue.

During the last meeting they attended, Wenner’s representatives agreed to submit a re-vegetation plan to mitigate or repair the damage.

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