Feller Newmark development to get public hearing

After almost two years, a proposal to build an 11-lot clustered subdivision alongside the Sawkill on a 100-acre parcel off Feller Newmark Road is nearing a decision. The planning board will hold a public hearing on August 20 starting at 7:30pm.

The subdivision plan has been revised repeatedly as the developer, Landmark Properties, worked with the planning board to satisfy many environmental concerns and restrictions to development on the property, including protecting wetlands and habitats, vernal pools used by threatened species, and preserving much of the farming soils under a conservation easement. The plan has also been revised to reflect last year’s zoning changes.

The process has included independent site studies of the habitat and a design that clusters the homes together at the south end of the property to leave the remainder of the tree-covered property untouched. Since the site is surrounded by active farms, there has also been discussion on the impact of adding 11 homes to the area.

During the July 16 meeting, the planning board reviewed the latest updates to the plan and approved the use of a cul-de-sac and agreed to allow one home to be built 160 feet from the west property line because of the added buffer of the Sawkill and a steep slope on the adjoining property. Normally a 200 foot buffer is required if there are adjacent agricultural lands.

The entrance to the proposed development, to be called The Preserve, would be a private road located between 355 and 369 Feller Newmark Road.

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