Bard center/Two Boots sign plans still up in the air

Following a visit to the Town of Red Hook Zoning Board of Appeals on June 13 to get a variance allowing 40 square feet of wall signage and 24 square feet of freestanding signs for the alumni center and Two Boots restaurant on Route 9G, Bard College representatives returned to the planning board to discuss their sign plans for the site across from the college entrance.

Original plans included a roof-mounted sign for Two Boots, which is not available for new signage under the zoning codes in Red Hook and most other municipalities in the Hudson Valley. The other issue is a third standalone sign that points to the Bard College entrance across the street. The 3-by-8 sign, referred to by planning board members as an off-premises sign for the college, would exceed the amount of signage approved for the site.

After some discussion, the applicant agreed to consider the available options and return at a later date.

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