Village of Rhinebeck ZBA – August 16, 2012

Limbo pole undulating through village boards
The orphan pole in Rhinebeck village is nearing adoption.

Representatives of Market St. and AARJU Realty returned to the zoning board Aug. 16 to continue their request to use the decorative signpost that formerly supported a sign for the now defunct Millhouse Panda restaurant at 19 Market Street. The origin of the post, near the corner of Garden Street, is unknown, but it’s in the village right-of-way and has been there for at least 40 to 60 years.

The owners of the incoming restaurant, called Market St., would like to display their sign on the post but needed a variance from the ZBA. The village planning board had sent a positive recommendation on the issue to the ZBA but stipulated that the ownership of and responsibility for the post be resolved.

After some discussion, the ZBA approved the variance but required that the applicant must now seek village board approval as well since the pole is on village property.

A setback setback
The Rhinebeck Jewish Center’s request for a setback variance for its proposed temple at 102 Montgomery St. met with uncertainty at the village zoning board meeting Aug. 16.

The center is seeking the variance to allow construction within 15 feet of the back of the lot rather than the usual 25 feet. The shortened setback, according to the applicant Rabbi Hecht and neighbors, would save a number of trees that would otherwise need to be removed for construction. Also, there’s an old barn 10 feet from the property line at that location which is being replaced so this would be an improvement.

At its July 17 meeting, the village planning board, the applicant received an unanimous positive recommendation in favor of the move.

But at their Aug. 16 meeting, a number of ZBA board members were not convinced that the change was necessary. A site visit was scheduled so the board members could see the trees and determine whether to grant the variance.

The public hearing was closed after positive comments from the public and the issue was put on the agenda for the next ZBA meeting, scheduled for Sept. 20.

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