Republican state senate primary

On Thursday, September 13, Republicans in the recently-redrawn 41st NY State Senate District will go to the polls to select their candidate. The Observer sent a questionnaire to both candidates in an effort to inform the public and provide them an outlet to express their positions.

Candidate Neil DiCarlo responded. Incumbent state senator Stephen Saland did not respond despite repeated calls to his campaign headquarters, e-mails to the address listed on his web site and attempted outreach on Facebook.

Neil DiCarlo

General Biography and Experience Married, Father of six children, Chief Compliance Officer for a NYC financial services firm

On property taxes… Implement a permanent 0% tax increase cap on property tax levies (not a permanent 2% increase). Allow every town the freedom to decide which of the hundreds of unfunded mandates they wish to implement. Most towns will rid themselves of most all of them and save themselves thousands every year.

On hydrofracking… I am in favor of hydrofracking. The state will be responsible for regulating the process.

On Roe vs Wade… Abortion is the greatest travesty to ever occur in America. Over 54 million babies have been aborted and the social and financial costs are staggering. It should be restricted and banned. Self-sustaining private entities like Planned Parenthood should receive no tax dollars at all, especially the millions NY pours into them every year, even in hard economic times like these.

On legalizing medical marijuana… No. Marijuana is a harmful substance. It has been proven over and over that it impairs mental faculties and worse. This is a door which should not be opened.

On the legalization of same-sex marriage… No. The absolute hubris of our legislators in deciding something so important without the people’s say is shocking. The people of 32 states have already passed some form of constitutional amendment against homosexual “marriage.” NY must give its people the same chance. Marriage is and only ever will be between a man and woman.

On other topics of importance… The corruption of public officials in our state is disgraceful. There should be term limits of 8 years for any elected official at the state level. Men like Mayor Bloomberg should not be allowed to pull Putin-esque tricks to stay in power. It goes without saying that NY’s economy is in shambles. NY is over $300 Billion in debt. How did we get here? Simple, our beloved politicians spent and taxed us into this state.

Closing statement
All politicians should be asked, “If NY’s elected officials are doing such a great a job, why have 3.5 million residents fled the state in the past decade? Again, why we are the least free state in the union if our elected officials are fighting for us?”

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