Murray’s Cafe updates lighting and speakers

The Tivoli planning board has set a public hearing on Murray’s plans to change the lighting and speakers on the cafe’s back patio.

According to the board minutes from Aug. 20, applicants Jake Stortini and Jesse Feldmus explained that the flood and spot lights they had been using were casting light in every direction. Instead, they decided to switch to less-intense string lighting to allow the patio to be dimly lit. They also moved to four “less intense” speakers from the originally approved two speakers to allow music to be played at a lower volume yet still be heard throughout the patio.

While the applicants believed the changes did not warrant a public hearing, the planning board disagreed and thought that the public should have a chance to weigh in. As a compromise, the board did not require the applicants to remove the new lights and speakers pending the hearing, which will be Monday, Sept. 17 at 7pm at Tivoli Village Hall.

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