New trustee appointed in Village of Red Hook

Stephen Zacharzuk has been appointed as a Red Hook Village Trustee to fill the space left by David Seymour’s retirement earlier this year. Although the mayor has the right to appoint an interim trustee, in this case the entire Village Board met with Zacharzuk and officially voiced their support for the decision at their Sept. 10 meeting. Mayor Ed Blundell indicated that Zacharzuk’s experience as a long-time member of the Red Hook Village Planning Board made him an excellent candidate for the position. Zacharzuk is required by village law to step down from the Planning Board before being sworn in as a trustee. His village board seat will be up for election in March as a part of the regular Village elections.

Village planners appoint two new members

Two new members have been appointed to the Red Hook Village Planning Board. David Pearson and Elizabeth Pagano were voted in unanimously by the Village Board of Trustees for terms that will last until 2014 and 2015, respectively. Pearson has a background in industrial engineering, and Pagano is the owner of the Grand Dutchess Bed and Breakfast. Mayor Ed Blundell expressed his hope that their background and experience will bring valuable information and capabilities to the Planning Board.

Village police hire new part-time officer

The Village of Red Hook Police Department has hired Jonathan Wilson as a new part-time officer to replace Officer Charles Patron, who left the force earlier this summer for a full-time position in another municipality. Wilson was hired with the unanimous consent of the Village Board after being recommended by Police Sergeant Patrick Hildenbrand, who called him a uniquely qualified replacement. Wilson currently works as a full-time firefighter and part-time police officer in New Paltz. Hildenbrand stressed that the hiring of an officer who was already certified above and beyond the department’s requirements and is familiar with police procedure and equipment would save training time and expense. He additionally indicated that Wilson was revealed to have a sterling record during the Department’s vetting process. The police department currently has 2 full-time officers and 9 part-time officers.

Police now on TRAC

The Police Department has finished installing the new TRACS system in its vehicles and station with equipment and software paid for by a $37,000 grant. The new system allows officers to issue and report traffic tickets through an automated system, rather than writing them out by hand and delivering hard copies to the Village Court and the state Department of Motor Vehicles. Police Sergeant Patrick Hildenbrand says that the system brings the force up to date with other departments and will save considerable time and effort. However, the system comes with the recurring expense of maintaining an isolated server for the system, which is required by the state to avoid potential security concerns. The department is currently pursuing a $9,500 grant through State Sen. Stephen Saland’s office to cover that expense.

Farmers’ Market wants to continue through October

The Farmers’ Market, which has enjoyed considerable success during the summer months, is set to continue through October. This decision was made after merchants approached the village government with a request to continue using the space into the fall harvest season. The Board of Trustees views the market as having smoothly operated with no negative impacts in terms of traffic or parking. The request still has to be approved by the Planning Board.

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