Tivoli mulling use of local agents for rentals

The Village of Tivoli is considering a new law that would require absentee landlords to use a local property agent to handle issues arising at rented property.

Mayor Bryan Cranna proposed developing such a law at the Sept. 12 Board of Trustees workshop meeting.

The goal of the law would be to increase the village’s ability to quickly address such issues as property upkeep and repeated noise ordinance violations. “We have landlords who live in Manhattan, for example”, said Cranna, “and they are not taking a two-and-a-half-hour drive up here just to go check on the property.”

He noted that landlords are often not even aware of issues until the village drafts an official letter. The potential law would apply to landlords who do not live in Dutchess County or one of the neighboring counties.

Trustee Joel Griffith suggested that local property agents would be able to resolve problems more quickly and would be better contacts if the village needed fast action, He also noted that building a database of properties, including those that are rentals, with contact information for landlords, tenants and property agents would improve how efficiently the village can handle code, zoning and other violations.

Trustee Susan Ezrati noted that while the concern over rental properties in Tivoli has been increasing recently, the long-term trend in housing is actually moving away from rentals in the village, information she said came from a survey conducted by Village Planning Consultant Michelle Greig.

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