Three-way State Senate race appears certain

Votes that were “too close to call” on Primary night now point to certain winners in the Republican primary.

Incumbent senator Stephen Saland appears to have beaten challenger Neil DiCarlo for the Republican line for State Senate. With the machine ballots counted, Saland led DiCarlo by 42 votes on election night, but once half the absentee ballots were counted, his lead has increased to 95 votes. It is unlikely that the remaining absentees will break for DiCarlo by a wide enough margin to close that gap.

In the second primary, with neither candidate endorsed by the Conservative party, DiCarlo had filed petitions to force a write-in primary. He shows a 91-17 lead with 239 ballots remaining for review, a not-unexpected result since DiCarlo has campaigned on “staunch conservative” values and principles.

With Saland on the Republican and Independence line, DiCarlo on the Conservative line and Rhinebeck village trustee Terry Gipson on the Democratic and Working Families ballot lines, November looks to be a three-way race.

In the other local primary election, Republican candidate David Byrne appears to have been successful in wresting the Independence line from incumbent Democratic Assemblywoman Didi Barrett by waging a write-in and a particularly effective absentee ballot campaign.

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