Rhinebeck water dept. flushing schedule

The Rhinebeck Water Department flushes water mains annually by opening hydrants throughout the town and village, as part of maintaining the water lines in the system. Flushing moves the water through the mains at such a high speed to loosen the deposits of iron and manganese and remove them from the system.

However, flushing stirs up sediment and can result in discolored water in your home. Crews do their best to keep the inconvenience to a minimum.

This year’s flushing schedule:

Week of Oct. 1: All areas on the north side of East and West Market Streets, plus Old Post Road, Mt. Rutsen Rd., Village Green Apartments, Wells Manor and The Woods.
Week of Oct. 9: All areas on the south side of East and West Market Streets, Route 308 East, Violet Hill Estates, Hilee Road and Closs Drive.
Week of Oct 15: All areas in Rhinecliff will be done on Monday, Tuesday and possible on Wednesday, as well as Rhinecliff Road, River Road and the Gardens.

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