John McGuire seeks Comp Plan waiver for subdivision

Rhinebeck’s Comp Plan has stalled the subdivision plans of resident John McGuire, who owns a six-acre property where Ackert Hook Road meets McGuire Lane. McGuire divided the property into 16 lots that were zoned R1A, and is now seeking a waiver to continue some of his development plans.

“We didn’t develop the six acres at the time,” he told town board members at their Sept. 24 meeting, because he thought his children might need lots when they were older and because “the neighborhood kids used it for everything, camping, building treehouses, soccer and football and basketball.”

So he held off developing it, and meanwhile Comp Plan revisions two years ago put lots in the area at a minimum of six acres. McGuire said that the existing surrounding lots are all about one acre.

“To keep mine at six puts it out of character for the neighborhood,” he added. He said that now as he faces retirement he would like to subdivide the six acres into four parcels for the income, and that there has been some local interest in purchasing some of the lots.

He said he submitted plans to the planning board and town engineer before the Comp Plan was established. “And in the meantime, the new law came in, “ he added. He pointed out that his subdivision would result in an improved tax base and contribute to more affordable housing in the town.

“This is one of the glitches in the comp plan,” said Town Council Member Elizabeth Spinzia. The board plans to reexamine the issue.

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