Letter: Blalock brings common sense

Northeastern Dutchess is very fortunate to have in Debra Blalock, a new voice emerging to bring some common sense and bi-partisanship to the Dutchess County Legislature. And they desperately need it. Time has come to call a halt to the old-boy network that has so destructively managed the finances and affairs of the County. The sad failure to address costly resource recovery operations and adequate jail facilities continues to cost taxpayers dearly.

The attempt to transfer the county tax burden by withholding sales taxes to the towns, who will need to raise taxes to address their county-incurred revenue shortfall, is a failure of accountability. And our current interim legislator is simply following the party line, rather than advocating for the towns he represents.

Long ignored in the northeast corner of Dutchess, the people have a chance to improve their representation, replacing the clone of Cooper, Dave Sherman. Seems he has the same old mind-set that they represent Marc Molinaro to the towns, rather than representing the people to the County. Debra Blalock will represent us, and provide a voice of reason and open government sorely needed.

It’s time to give a strong, smart woman the opportunity to change how our dysfunctional legislature works… Please… vote for Debra Blalock to represent us in Milan, Northeast, Pine Plains, and Stanford.

Ross Williams

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