Tivoli working on new bus stop

The Village of Tivoli is making progress in its effort to relocate the bus stop used by the Dutchess County Loop Bus and the Bard College student shuttle. The stop will be moved from its current location in front of the Tivoli Post office on Broadway to Pine Street, where it will sit near the entrance to Tivoli Memorial Park.

The goal of the relocation is to alleviate crowding on Broadway. According to the Village Board of Trustees, stopped buses can create major backups during high traffic times and pose an obstruction to emergency vehicles. Additionally, large groups of students waiting for the shuttle have been cited as a disruption to pedestrian use of one of the busiest sections of Broadway.

The new stop will feature a shelter to protect riders from adverse weather. The small structure has been donated to the village by the Dutchess County Department of Transportation. However, the village will have to prepare the concrete foundation for the structure and is waiting for construction specifications from the county.

The Bard College administration has also agreed to the change of location in principal, but it will not begin using the new stop unless it is lit at night due to safety concerns. Tivoli Mayor Bryan Cranna estimated that a new traditional street light at the location is likely to cost around $2,000, and that price could increase by $500 if the village opted to fit the structure with a solar panel.

Cranna said lighting options are still being explored, including cooperation with Bard College, which is currently seeking lighting improvements for shuttle stops on its campus.

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