Assemblywoman Didi Barrett defeats David Byrne

In one of two races of particular interest to those in Milan, Assemblywoman Didi Barrett defeated challenger David Byrne in the race for the redrawn 106th Assembly District.

“We were upbeat and positive throughout the campaign because I am bullish on the Hudson Valley,” Barrett said in a statement. “I know we can work together to create the private sector jobs that stay local, that we can bring tax relief to our families, farms and small businesses while being sure our kids get the best educational opportunities possible, and that we can assure that folks feel safe in their homes, schools and communities.”

Barrett, who was elected just eight months earlier in a special election for the 103rd Assembly District, faced a new district and another election in November.

“This was no easy task, since some 60 percent of the newly drawn 106th district was different from the district I had won in March,” Barrett said. In her newly redrawn district, she will no longer represent Red Hook in January but will still represent Milan and other parts of Dutchess and Columbia counties.

“I would like to congratulate Assemblywoman Barrett on her victory in a hard-fought contest and wish her well in the new legislative session,” said Byrne in a statement released after the election. “Now we must put partisan divisions behind us and move forward in the common purpose as New Yorkers to renew our great state. Our children deserve to inherit a healthier New York than we are poised to offer them today.”

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