Transition specialist hired for Red Hook school district

The Red Hook Central School District has hired Margaret (“Peg”) D’Onofrio as the new transition specialist for college and career planning at Red Hook High School.

The move was announced and approved at the Nov. 28 meeting of the Red Hook Board of Education.

“This is something new and unique to Red Hook as I understand it regionally,” said Superintendent Paul Finch of the move. “We’re really excited to have her, and our kids will benefit greatly from her individualized service… [with] the college application process and thinking longer term about career planning.”

D’Onofrio, who will have an office at the high school, began work this month. The hire was assisted by a $5,000 grant from the Red Hook Education Foundation. According to a statement from the foundation, the funding will be used to support costs associated with activities, workshops, and events focused on college exploration, college selection, the college application process, financial aid, scholarship opportunities, and the financial implications of paying for colleges as well as other related activities. “I think it’s something that we’ve needed. Guidance does a good job, but with all the things they have to deal with, there’s just really not enough time in the day to focus on giving the students getting ready for college all the help they need,” said school board president Kelly Mosher.

D’Onofrio was looking forward to getting to work.

“It’s yet to be written as to how it will unfold, but I’d like to help bring the high school students and the guidance department to the next level. I’m very excited,” she said.

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