Anderson Commons returns to Red Hook planners

Anderson Commons, a 53-lot planned development with 51 residences and one commercial plot, formally returned to the Red Hook Planning Board on Dec. 3 to begin the re-approval process.

The land in question is located behind the Chocolate Factory and would require a new road between Fisk St. and Glen Ridge Rd.

The planned development, which originally received conditional approvals in 2006 that have since expired, remains unchanged, according to applicant Ken Kearney. The land and project changed hands in 2011, with former owner Ken Anderson agreeing to allow the name to remain the same.

The 51 residences include a mix of multifamily and single-family homes on small lots in a traditional neighborhood setting, along with a handful of single-family “executive homes” on larger lots. Kearney said the traditional neighborhood homes would be constructed first.

Asked how fast the project would move forward, Kearney said that it depends on funding and progress on other projects but that his goal was to break ground in the fall of 2013.

There was also discussion by the board about having the community septic system improved to the point where it could be taken over by the county.

This project will be returning the town planning board for further discussion and will require a public hearing before any approval could be given.

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