Hawks hacked: Rhinebeck suffers a 50-point loss after win over Millbrook

The Rhinebeck Hawks followed a nice 52-46 win over Millbrook on Jan. 4, with a clunker against Coleman on Jan. 8, losing by a score of 86-36.

Things looked even at the get-go, with guard-heavy Rhinebeck looking confident against the slightly larger Statesmen. John Walsh connected on a mid-range set shot and an open lay-up to score Rhinebeck’s first two points, but under defensive pressure from Coleman, the Hawks began taking ugly, low percentage shots around the rim and were the victims of unkind rolls. Rhinebeck came out of the quarter losing 18-11.

Purple kept it relatively tight through the second quarter, but still had trouble contesting Coleman’s torrid D. Coleman almost doubled its lead going into the locker rooms at the half, leading 33-20, after a half-court buzzer beater from Rhinebeck’s Paul Henke.

Coleman had Rhinebeck’s number in the second half, capitalizing on steals and breakaway baskets. By the end of the third quarter, the lead was 57-27. At 69-32 in the fourth, the Statesmen sent out their scrubs with close to six minutes left, and they managed to pour in another 17 points to Rhinebeck’s 4 by game’s end.

“There was a big difference from Friday night to tonight,” Rhinebeck head coach David Aierstok told The Observer after the game. “Our lack of energy and lack of effort didn’t help at all. We just didn’t rebound; we got killed on the glass.”

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