Artists invited to exhibit at RHCan show

The Red Hook Community Arts Network and the Artists Collective are issuing a call to artists for their upcoming exhibit of contemporary surrealist and conceptual art.

Called a “Meeting of the Minds,” the show will run from March 8 through April 7 at the RHCan gallery at 7516 N. Broadway in Red Hook.

Artists who are interested are invited to provide a brief description of their work in advance, because of space and technology requirements, by email:

Original 2-D media (must be wired for hanging), plus performance art, installation art, digital and video art are encouraged and will be considered based on the gallery’s constraints. Each artist may submit 1–3 works.

RHCAN requires all participating artists to volunteer for a 4-hour gallery sitting shift during open hours of the exhibition and pay a hanging fee ($10 for one work, $15 for two works and $20 for three). If you are unable to volunteer, you may pay an extra $30 upon delivery of your work to the gallery.

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