Red Hook village trustees running unopposed

Two Red Hook Village trustees, Stephen Zacharzuk and Jennifer Norris, are up for re-election this year and will run unopposed for the four-year seats.

This will be Jennifer Norris’s second unopposed election. In 2011, she was appointed to fill Ed Blundell’s seat after he was elected mayor that year. At the time, Blundell had two years left in his term as a trustee. The following March, in 2012, Norris successfully ran to keep her seat and serve out the final year of the term. Norris is now running for her first four-year term.

Stephen Zacharzuk was appointed last June to finish the term vacated by David Seymour when he retired. This year, Zacharzuk is running for the full four-year seat.

Voting will take place at Red Hook Village Hall March 19 between noon and 9pm.

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