Tivoli budget still in the works

The Tivoli Village Board of Trustees has unanimously adopted a tentative budget with a steep tax hike for the 2013-2014 fiscal year, only the first step in the budget creation process, but they’re calling it only a wish list at this point.

The budget, adopted at an April 1 workshop, shows dramatic increases across the board in spending. The total stands at $861,103, an increase of $150,000, or 20.5 percent, over last year’s finalized budget. That would call for a massive 33.99 percent increase in property taxes, far surpassing the state-imposed tax cap of 2 percent.

However, board members are adamant that substantial cuts need to be made before the document is ready for
final approval.

“This is not at all what the final budget will look like,” Trustee Susan Ezrati told The Observer. “It is more of a wish list [from the departments] at the moment.”

What is apparently clear is that the final village budget will probably exceed the tax cap in some way. Village officials are holding a public hearing on April 10 at 7pm at the American Legion Post to vote on overriding the state limit. Mayor Bryan Cranna did not respond to requests for comment by press time.

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