Lady Hawks can’t soar yet

It was not the way they wanted to open things up in Rhinebeck April 4: The Lady Hawks hosted a very strong Franklin Delano Roosevelt softball team staffed mostly with upperclassmen and lost their home opener via mercy rule, 20-2.

It was blustery, cold, and the wind kicked up the dirt and wouldn’t allow the ball to travel straight. The girls had trouble getting the barrel on the ball and dealing with shots to the infield. The first three innings were building proof that a very young Rhinebeck softball team needed a little more practise.

And then came the fourth. The never-ending fourth. In the top of an inning that lasted for more than half an hour, FDR managed to bring in 14 runs. The rally included 11 hits and several balls lifted deep into the field; FDR would also score five runs in the top of the fifth.

Rhinebeck’s first run came off a wild pitch in the bottom of the third, which allowed a runner to score, and their second came courtesy of an RBI off a shot to deep right in the bottom of the fifth.

“Roosevelt’s a very good team, and we have some things to work on,” Rhinebeck head coach Jessica McCracken told The Observer after the game.

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