Letter: Obama will do us in

Liberals have a love affair with words. Obama’s private school and Ivy League education has made him a master of rhetoric. He can repeat the words of Martin Luther King while committing war crimes around the world. A former professor of constitutional law, he can praise human rights while murdering U.S. citizens abroad, without charges and without trial.

Obama’s acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize will be used in future textbooks as the perfect example of 21st century sophistry. Yet many liberals couldn’t keep from crying during it. Martin Luther King’s words spoken by a black president was all they experienced.

President Clinton used to be the nation’s best flim-flam artist. He talked about fighting for the good of the people while he slashed the social safety net, liberated big banks and accounting firms from most regulations, oversaw the corporate consolidation of the media, waged war in Yugoslavia, and starved millions of Iraqi children because their U.S.-imposed dictator “was building weapons of mass destruction.”

Not bad, but Obama will do him one better: for the U.S. war machine, for the major corporations, and for the oil industry. Obama may even succeed in destroying Social Security and Medicare for his major backers on Wall Street. He will dismantle public education, the post office if he can, and destroy what’s left of our unions.

Only a fool keeps believing in pretty words over substance, in media-driven elections over popular resistance. Now is the right time for liberals’ tears.

Fred Nagel

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