Tivoli deputy mayor resigns

Michael S. Leedy is resigning from his position as Deputy Mayor of Tivoli and will vacate his post on the Village Board of Trustees by June 1.

Leedy made the announcement during the May 16 Board of Trustees meeting but did not specify the reasons for his departure, only to say that he and his family will be moving away from the village and would therefore no longer be able to serve in its government. Leedy and his family are moving to Milan.

Leedy has served on the Board of Trustees since 2008 and was appointed as Deputy Mayor by Tivoli Mayor Bryan Cranna two years ago. In addition to his position as Cranna’s deputy, Leedy served as the government’s law enforcement liaison.

At what was his last board meeting, Leedy read a prepared statement that emphasized his positive recollections of his time in government. “During my tenure in office, together we have worked to move Tivoli forward and make it a better place for us to call home,” he said, “I am proud to have worked with my colleagues on the Village Board of Trustees, Mayor Cranna and village personnel. But mostly I am proud to have worked with the residents of this village.”

Citing the personal reasons for his decision, he added, “I am proud to be the father of four amazing children and two special grandchildren. My children play a major role in my life and now I am about to begin a new chapter in my life. One which I am very excited to begin… This new chapter will see me moving out of the village. However, my memories and fondness for this village will last forever.”

Following Leedy’s statement, Cranna called his departure “a huge loss for the village and for the Board of Trustees.”

In a news release after the meeting, Cranna said, “Deputy Mayor Leedy has been one of my closest advisers and I have valued and respected his opinions and advice. During our tenure together, he was someone whose counsel I could always count on. I wish him nothing but the best as he begins a new chapter in his life.”

According to Village law, the Mayor can appoint a new Trustee to serve out the remainder of Leedy’s term which ends next March. So far, however, the Mayor has not released any names of any possible candidates or declared who he intends to appoint as deputy mayor.

“Appointing someone to office of Trustee is a major responsibility and one that I take very seriously,” Cranna said. “The decision will not be made in haste and whomever I appoint must have the Village’s best interest at heart.”

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