Tivoli adds intercom in Village Hall

Tivoli officials have installed an intercom system in Village Hall until the building’s inoperable elevator can be fixed.

The intercom, which connects the basement level with the Village Clerk’s office on the second floor, is an attempt to provide partial access to village departments for residents who are disabled or otherwise can not climb the several flights of stairs to reach the Clerk’s Office, Village Court or Mayor’s Office.

The building’s elevator has been out of commission for several months, due to flood damage and resulting problems with the hydraulic system. The outage leaves the village at risk of non-compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, which states that disabled citizens must retain access to government services.

Since the loss of the elevator, village officials have been holding all public meetings in nearby handicapped-accessible buildings, including the Tivoli Firehouse and the neighboring American Legion Post. Village Board of Trustee meetings are also broadcast on PANDA 23 public access cable.

At the May 16 Board of Trustees meeting, Mayor Bryan Cranna said he hopes that repair work on the elevator will be completed over the summer. The funds will come from a $90,000 bond, which is currently under consideration. The bond would also include funding for repairs to the Village Hall roof and front staircase. The Village Hall boiler system was also recently replaced.

Cranna noted that Tivoli’s government has a historically significant building as its center, but the aging building requires a certain level of upkeep.

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